Beauty is Love

Jul 12 , 2019

Beauty is Love

What is beauty ? How can you measure beauty? The most beautiful thing is to love yourself for you. Self love is beautiful. When you are a Luxury Hair Brand the standard of beauty varies but the simplicity of beauty stays the same. Major Hair focuses on self love that brings out the beauty in everyone. Hair is beautiful when done right and with all the accessories you sometimes get lost in what is true beauty. Your inner peace, your love for what is true. Do not ever settle for someone or something that does not think you are beautiful because it is simply not true. Beauty is a universal term that is understood among all nations and countries. Something that widely accepted and revered as a status quo. A unobtainable  goal that only few have obtained. When in reality the state of your mind can be beautiful. The way you treat a person can be beautiful. The way you carry yourself can be beautiful. Do not limit your mind to simply understanding what someone tells you. Go out and explore and look for the beauty in all things.

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