Featured: Camila Kendra

Aug 06 , 2019

Featured: Camila Kendra

Modeling has changed. To be honest its more dope, more raw. You have to be on your p's and q's. With the hair game its the same thing. The hair game has changed. The major companies are trying to keep up with the lowballing of the actual internet hair market. Where is the class? Where is the attention to detail. The reason this company started was because the hair game has become saturated with 50% discounts, false promises, and bad customer service. Where is the taste? We empower these certain women because they aren't settling for the status quo. Who would want to. Why can't your hair cost $1200 ? as a woman you are worth more than that. Camila Kendra worked hard to get where she is at and she is going to raise the bar in the modeling world. Major Hair is raising the bar too.

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