Featured Company: Beauty Beyond Ent

Jul 25 , 2019

Featured Company: Beauty Beyond Ent

With the valley in Las Vegas growing and businesses moving to area its hard to find a great modeling agency. Especially when every guy with a camera thinks their a "Photographer". Legitimacy is the name of the game and exposure brings results. Beauty Beyond Entertainment is one of the nicest in the modeling game. Major Hair only associates with businesses that create a dynamic like our own, unique and with a style you just cant duplicate without some guidance. 


We love their business because it compliments the hair game very well. Big contracts is the name of the game and if you do not have taste well that contract is close to non existent. When we get a model that is familiar with our brand the first and only agency we will call for them to go further is Beauty Beyond Ent. Welcome to the family. 


-Major Hair Team 

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