Featured: Erica Fontaine

Aug 06 , 2019

Featured: Erica Fontaine

Talent is a crazy  to think about. Some people are born to do certain things and then some people practice until they are great. When you see certain individuals perform you cant to help to think, how did they get so talented. Erica Fontaine is one of those ladies. You just have to love the swagger, the attitude. People say that Major Hair charges too much. That the hair industry is watered down and you can get good hair from anywhere. But when you think of special talents like Erica Fontaine you rethink that approach in markets. The truth you can't get Gucci from Walmart and you don't become someone as beautiful and talented in her profession as Erica Fontaine thinking gymnastics is watered down. Major Hair is here to empower women not to treat them like a 40% discount at Fashion Nova. If you not on the level then works towards it. Don't get discouraged everyone starts somewhere.

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