Featured Model: Bria Simone Nwagbo

Jul 17 , 2019

Featured Model: Bria Simone Nwagbo



If you are talking about class, intelligence and sexiness then you can not look pass someone like Bria. A business woman in her own right and a true entrepreneur. When you talk to Bria you get a sense of kindness but also a sense a sternness that correlates to you know she means business. Bria has been shopping with Major Hair for years and has given us the multiple referrals including the ones that mean the most, her sister and mom. 

This is a woman that will not settle for poor quality especially when it comes to hair and it seems to Major Hair someone who will not settle in this thing called "life." Major Hair has to be accountable for customers like this one. Customers who have the same drive and passion to want to just exceed in life. We can't do the status quo. The statistics saying your life is going to go this way or that way. We stick to the script. We rise above the occasion and sip  a couple mimosas on our way to the finish line. 

In this world full of people not being themselves, Bria is a breath of fresh air beautiful in her own way that lights up a room and brings professionalism to any setting. You have to love a young a woman like this, about her money, and not backing down from any challenge. Thanks Bria for always being loyal. 


Bria Simone Nwagbo (@imbriasimone) * Instagram photos and videos

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-Major Hair Team 


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