The Haters Will Talk

Jul 16 , 2019

The Haters Will Talk

Followers do not equal success. Money doesn't equal happiness and hard work doesn't equal success. Know the formula and stay calm. At the end of the day does someone else opinion really matter? Your life was given to you not anyone else. Life is not scripted but you can change and control it at your will. But if your life depended on it. If your hair depended on it would you purchase from Major Hair or some other company that is skeptical and may never ship you the products anyway. 

Do not fall for the hype . Everyone is trying to figure it out. But you as a woman why must you figure out where your hair is coming from. When can you trust yourself and actually do something for you and know what kind of product we have. Real people. Real Customers. Real Insights. Real Life. Real business. No games. We would never play with quality of a product no matter the ownership. Hair for a lady in 2019 is an investment. Time for some people to recognize that. 

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